Accepted GSOC 2010 students

We have fortunate with the applications of many talented students, and the generosity of Google in assigning us 4 slots that we could use to hire students. After a process of reviewing and providing feedback on the student proposals, evaluating their work, and doing interviews, we have selected the four students whose proposals we found most suitable, and Google has just confirmed all project student selections, so we are free to announce them.

The four accepted GSOC 2010 students, projects and mentors are:

  • Thomas Cort - Unix Domain Sockets

    Thomas is going to be mentored by Thomas Veerman (yep, two Thomases!) in implementing unix domain socket support for Minix. This is a valuable addition to Minix, as it's often a sticking point for porting applications.

  • Gautam Buccapatnam Tirumala - pkgsrc

    Gautam is going to be mentored by Arun Thomas and Ben Gras in porting NetBSD's pkgsrc portable package porting infrastructure to Minix, finally giving Minix a mature package management system, and probably many more ported packages out of the box to boot.

  • Feiran Zheng - multiboot

    Feiran will be mentored by Erik van der Kouwe, and will work on making Minix multiboot compliant. This means Minix will no longer depend on its own boot monitor in order to boot, circumventing boot monitor limitations where necessary, being more grub-friendly, and most likely smoothing the path for booting on an embedded system in the future.

  • Stefano Cordio - firewall

    Stefano will be mentored by Cristiano Giuffrida, and will implement or port a modern firewall / packet filter in Minix' inet server.

We're very happy with the selection, and remembering last years' successful GSOC, we want this years' to be even better! So welcome to the project to the four accepted students, let's make it awesome.