We get € 2.5 million grant

Andy Tanenbaum has received an Advanced Grant of 2.5 million euro from the European Research Council to work on a project entitled "Research on Really Reliable and Secure Systems Software." The grant means that work on further developing MINIX 3 will continue to have funding for at least five more years starting today. That is VERY good news. This means our programmers can continue working on MINIX3 and several Ph.D. students and postdocs can be funded to push the research forward. Nevertheless, contributions from users such as drivers, ports, updating and translating the Wiki, etc.are very, very welcome. We'd like to build a bigger community.

Currently there are four Ph.D. students doing research relating to MINIX 3:

  • Raja Appuswamy is looking at advanced file systems
  • Cristiano Giuffrida is looking at live updates
  • Jorrit Herder is working on replacing failed components on the fly
  • David van Moolenbroek is working on execution environments

Another Ph.D. student is scheduled to start March 1, but we are looking for a postdoc. If you are interested, please see this ad.