We've switched to subversion

We've switched from CVS to Subversion for the MINIX source and ports repositories. There are fully fledged ports for the Subversion client and server for MINIX. The MINIX source project page can be found here: https://gforge.cs.vu.nl/projects/minix/ from where you can currently only browse the imported CVS repository.

This means that currently, the tracking 'current' page is out of date - it will be updated for an SVN version soon. Also the tools/release.sh script will be updated. Also, the CVS mirror to the derelict MINIX machine is obsolete. We may find another use for the derelict, but currently it's obsolete itself as well. Of course we'd like to keep a MINIX3 machine in production, we just need a new job for it..

Those of you that are subscribed to the minix-updates-l on which CVS commits are posted, will be moved to the SVN commits mailing list.

The main reason for this change is that to incorporate recent improvements to MINIX (specifically, VFS and the PPC port), some MINIX source hierarchy will have to be changed, which is a dreadful job under CVS and loses historical state. With SVN, we will maintain proper history.