Version management

  • There is a guide for updating your MINIX system to 'current' with CVS (a 'source upgrade'): tracking 'current'.

  • A recent change to packman makes it aware of Minix versions, which is important for backwards compatability if something in the Minix ABI changes.
    (This only happens as a last resort though.) The new structure knows about Minix versions, architectures, and beta and nonbeta ports. The structure is backwards-compatible with the latest official release (3.1.2a).

    To take advantage of this feature before the next release, you can do a source upgrade and obtain packages that have been recompiled to solve some problems due to ABI changes.

  • Recent new port highlights are ghostscript, ghostview, and libXaw3d. They're on the software page under the beta section, and available from packman and easypack.

  • The source snapshot has disappeared in favour of using CVS.