easypack bug fixed

There is a bug in easypack. A new one is on the SOFTWARE page. To install it under MINIX 3, log in as bin and type:

urlget http://www.minix3.org/download/easypack >/usr/bin/easypack

Check the mode to see if it is executable.

Four beta test packages are now available. After you have installed bunzip2 and the new easypack, you can get them all by typing:

easypack dungeon-2.7.1 pdksh-5.2.14 unzip-5.52 zip-2.31

The ACK compiler in the distribution is an elderly one not generated from the ackpack sources. We we would like people to go to /usr/src/commands/ackpack and type ./build to rebuild the compiler, then test it heavily and report back to test@minix3.org. Thanks.