Official release of MINIX 3 today

Today is the big day--The official release of MINIX 3. The SOSP CD and download file represent a major milestone, but the system is far from finished and your help is needed (see the HOME page). Some of the larger commands sources have been omitted from the compressed downloadable CD image to keep it from being 130 MB, but they are all available using the SOFTWARE link above.
This page will be used for communicating major news items about MINIX 3, but for day-to-day discussions, use comp.os.minix.

Here is some news about developments that are in the pipeline:

  • A first cut at virtual memory is now being tested
  • The port of X Windows is coming along well.
  • A port of the current version of python is in the works (python 1.5.2 is installed now)
  • The GNU POSIX tools are being tested now
  • The gcc compiler is available, but not well tested under MINIX 3. It lives in /usr/gnu/bin along with the rest of the GNU tools. To enable gcc and these tools, type:
    export PATH